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Journey to DUMBO

North Central Park



DUMBO, an acronym for 'Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass,' is among the most captivating and creative neighborhoods in New York City. It's a place where you can encounter artists, musicians, and unique individuals. Located nearby, you'll discover the charming residential neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights, along with its iconic buildings and a popular park. However, DUMBO is more than just a trendy spot; it also serves as a culinary hub in Brooklyn. Nestled between two iconic bridges, this neighborhood conceals numerous hidden gems and secret spots waiting to be uncovered during a two-hour adventure.



To start the game, enter the secret code.



As you progress through the quest, you'll need to send your answers to the tasks. Sometimes they will be words, so formulate them as simply as possible, using singular nouns. For example, if you encounter a question like "The fruit depicted on the back of all iPhones," the correct answer would be "Apple."

At times, the answers to the tasks will be numbers. For instance, "How many main characters are there in the TV show 'Friends'?" In this case, the correct answer would be "6."

If you make a mistake, we'll offer you hints. Remember, the third hint will provide the correct answer, but try to solve it using only the first two.

You'll also need to take photos at particularly beautiful spots. Consider this task as an opportunity to be imaginative!



Important - charge your phone and do not close the browser during the game and bring a positive attitude!

Your game will start at 56 Columbia Heights, close to enter to Squibb Park.

Press the "Next" button to start the game.



Check out the scenery around you - it's a cozy street with beautiful houses, and of course, two magnificent bridges that you can see right from here, between the two buildings at the end of the street. It's the perfect time to open your camera and take a cool selfie!

Idea 💡: Take a cool photo before you start your adventure! If you decide to share this photo on social media 👉🏻 tag us @quiz.trip



Did we say two bridges? It seems we were mistaken or intentionally left out the third bridge, which you can find near the park entrance and even touch its metal with your hands. Despite its beauty, it might be more suitable for insects or birds.

Find the bridge that you can touch with your hands and pay attention to its "neighbor" - a very famous lady. Who is she?



You did a great job with the first, not the easiest task! Now, shall we venture into the park and make our way down to the playground? Squibb Park, established in 1858, bears the name of George Wesley Squibb, an American surgeon and pharmacist. Today, it may be compact in size, but it remains a well-loved destination for outdoor activities. Keep an eye out for a hidden golden ball within the playground; it might not be a straightforward discovery!

Task: There's a hidden golden ball on the playground. Find it and write on what object it's located.



A flagstaff is not just a pole where a flag is placed, but also a central support in challenging situations. Let this symbol guide you throughout the game!

Squibb Park is known for its unique suspension bridge called the "Squibb Park Bridge," which connects the park to the Brooklyn waterfront park. Now, to continue your journey, find the exit from the playground onto the wooden bridge and continue your path along it.



Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the wooden path, take in the views it offers, and pay attention to the unconventional buildings presented here. This area Brooklyn Heights is noted for its low-rise architecture and its many brownstone rowhouses, most of them built prior to the Civil War. It also has an abundance of notable churches and other religious institutions. Brooklyn's first art gallery, the Brooklyn Arts Gallery, was opened here in 1958.

At the end of our path, you'll find a staircase. Descend it to continue your journey. Walk to the end of the wooden walkway and descend the staircase to the road.

Press the 'Next' button when you're in position



You're entering a park area, and there are several pathways leading in. Brooklyn Bridge Park is a large public park situated on the East River waterfront in the Brooklyn Heights area and adjacent neighborhoods of Brooklyn. This park was opened in several phases and has become one of the most popular recreational areas in New York City.

Take a look around. Not far from where you descended, there's a red guardian positioned right in front of the entrance to the park that you need. What four letters can you easily find on this guard?

Task: Indicate the abbreviation that is on the red guard.



If you've found the correct object, then right now, cross the iron bridge and start climbing the staircase that leads you upwards. The nature surrounding you is truly captivating. There are many diverse trees, shrubs, and grasses here.

Once the staircase ends, you can take a rest and tackle the next task – find the answer to the question: what kind of ecosystem surrounds you in Brooklyn?

Task: What quality sets the ecosystem of this park apart from others in Brooklyn?



It's hard to argue with the fact that Brooklyn's ecosystem is truly one of the most dynamic in the country. If you keep walking along the pathways, you'll come across a row of benches, with the first one numbered as 435.

However, we recommend continuing your journey, especially since you're almost at the East River. Here, you'll find a very beautiful view that will stay in your memory for a long time, especially if you take a beautiful photo here!

Idea 💡: Take a cool photo before you start your adventure! If you decide to share this photo on social media 👉🏻 tag us @quiz.trip



Now that you've trained yourself to find bench numbers, you're definitely ready to move on! Your task will be related to these numbers, so get ready! Find bench number 454 and stand by the railing of the promenade near this bench. Look around – you need to find an object that is beside the sign greeting our cherished guests.

Task: Look around and find the object next to the inscription.



Let's continue our journey! Walk just a few steps along the waterfront, where a new task awaits you. You've probably already noticed the huge metal binocular installed here. Your task is to work with it and carefully gaze across to the opposite bank, specifically at the museum ship moored at Pier 16.

It's the Wavertree - an English 19th-century cargo sailing ship. Inside, you can observe the historical architecture and interiors of that era, learn about the living and working conditions of sailors at that time, and immerse yourself in maritime history and culture. We recommend exploring this fascinating place! But for now, a new task!

Task: Take a close look at the ship's side and find the city where this ship was built.



Continue along the waterfront towards the bridge that you can already see ahead. Your checkpoint is the next set of binoculars; you'll receive a new riddle near it. As you walk, we'll tell you about the Wall Street district on the opposite shore.

Wall Street became a financial center in the late 18th century when banks, investment firms, and exchanges started to emerge here. Today, it's where the headquarters of many major financial institutions are located, including banks, insurance companies, and investment funds. You can learn more about the history of this place in our quest "Financial District of New York."

Once you reach the binocular, it's time to be observant in this area and find out who the unknown Jamie fell in love with in this popular city district.

Task: Write the name of the person with whom Jamie fell in love.



Moving forward, continue along the waterfront towards the Brooklyn Bridge. From the corner, you'll spot the Brooklyn Bridge Lookout with a café and a charming white cottage. Walk onto Wooden Pier Number 1 and take a few beautiful photos; you'll surely like them!

Idea 💡: Take a nice photo and look around this pier. Several tasks await you here! If you decide to share this photo on social media 👉🏻 tag us @quiz.trip



The docks of New York have played a crucial role in the city's history. In the past, they served industrial functions and were the main arrival point for immigrants to the city. Over time, as industries declined and priorities shifted, many piers lost their original functions. However, the city began transforming these spaces into public parks and recreational areas.

These transformations have allowed the preservation of the historical heritage of the docks and provided citizens and tourists with new places for relaxation, entertainment, and cultural events. On this pier, several riddles await you, so let's move on to the first one!

Task: On the pier, locate 6 rare coins and tell which year's coin does not feature "East River" inscription?



It's a pity that these coins can't buy you ice cream or a ferry ride, don't you agree? In 1814, Robert Fulton, the inventor of the world's first successful steamboat, established a ferry to cross the East River between present-day Fulton Street in Brooklyn and Fulton Street in Manhattan. The Fulton Ferry ushered in an era of rapid growth for Brooklyn. In less than 50 years, the small village transformed into the third-largest city in America.

Speaking of ferry rides, I'm sure you can easily write down how much the first ticket for the Nassau ferry cost. This ferry offered five to twelve-minute river cruises for passengers. Here's a hint: you can find the information right here on the pier!

Task: Write down how much the ticket for the Nassau ferry cost in 1814.



Now it's time to remember the charming house nearby that hides a delightful ice cream shop adorned with a weathervane. Let's head towards it, go around it, and stop right there to take a look around.

Right here, you can discover several renowned establishments that exemplify the richness of culinary culture and offer delightful treats. First, there's Ignazio's Pizzeria, celebrated for its authentic New York pizza, lovingly crafted in a wood-fired oven. Next, we have the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, renowned for serving delectable, handcrafted ice cream made with all-natural ingredients and time-honored recipes. Lastly, "Van Leeuwen Ice Cream" stands as an iconic ice cream brand with a strong presence throughout the United States, acclaimed for its top-quality, artisanal ice cream offerings

I hope your eyes aren't overwhelmed by the abundance of interesting places in this area, and you easily find the sign that points not to a street, but to the river, which, you'll agree, is quite unusual! Stand next to it, and let's continue our journey!

Press the 'Next' button when you're in position



If the sign and the ice cream shop are behind you, then take a step to the left. After a few feet, you'll see another unique cafe ahead - It's a lobster shack decorated with traps used to catch these sea creatures. To lure them inside, they use fish and simply wait until the not-so-smart lobsters crawl into the traps.

To continue your journey, stand on the square sewer cover near the cafe's counter and locate the tall clock tower - you should head in that direction and stop when you find yourself beneath the Brooklyn Bridge

Press the 'Next' button when you're in position



When you find yourself under the bridge, you'll come across an inscription with a very unusual style of writing. Here, you'll need to channel your inner spy and use the stone inscription as a decoder to decipher what's hidden here.

Task: Use the stone inscription and decode the message.




We mentioned the carousel not just for fun – it's one of the iconic places in DUMBO, and you'll see it very soon.

In the meantime, you've reached the Brooklyn Bridge and can see how enormous and impressive it is! The size and structure of the bridge make it an impressive engineering and architectural achievement, now serving as both a city infrastructure and a part of New York's historical legacy. In length, the bridge equals five football fields, with four lanes for cars and pedestrian paths that are 20 meters wide. If we talk about the bridge supports you see in front of you closer to the water, they rise higher than the towers of tall buildings – about 27 stories!

Here, a challenging riddle is hidden for you, requiring you to use all your skills of observation, perception, and deciphering complex metaphors. Find the female threads on the bridge and tell me what color they are.

Task: Find the female threads on the nearest bridge supports and tell what color they are.



Agree, that task wasn't easy, right? Now you need to walk along the waterfront, heading towards the visible Manhattan Bridge ahead. When you reach the corner, you'll find an information stand with a detailed history of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Its construction began as early as 1870, but it wasn't opened until 1883. The bridge was designed and built by the renowned American engineer John Roebling and his son Washington Roebling. In 1881, Washington's wife, Emily Roebling, inherited her husband's responsibilities after his death and faced the challenge of completing the bridge's construction. She acted as a mediator between the engineers, builders, and city authorities, continuing to coordinate and support the project.

After the completion of the work in 1884, the engineers organized a special strength test for the bridge. They invited a circus performer named Philippe Petit – an expert in working with animals. His animals walked across the bridge to demonstrate its strength and reliability. What were these animals?

Task: Find the information on the stand about the animals that were used to test the bridge.



Now you can see the famous carousel, let's go to it! Jane's Carousel was crafted in the early 20th century and initially served as a children's amusement in the park along the East River waterfront in Brooklyn. It features 48 wooden horse figures and two chariots. The carousel underwent restoration and renovation in 2011 thanks to the efforts of architect Jean Nouvel.

Currently, the carousel is housed in a glass pavilion, providing visitors the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful attraction throughout the year. You can also take a closer look at this ride and, at the same time, find the answer to a new riddle.

Task: On some horses, there's a monogram depicted on the saddle. Find it and decipher its meaning.



Philadelphia Toboggan Company is the name of the company that manufactured the carousel. Don't forget to take a photo here as a memory, and then we'll continue along the stone embankment towards the Manhattan Bridge.

Now is a good time to mention that historically, the DUMBO area was mainly an industrial zone. In the early 20th century, it was full of warehouses, factories, and manufacturing facilities. However, the decline of industry in New York and changes in urban infrastructure led to the deterioration of this industrial zone. In the 1970s and 1980s, DUMBO started attracting artists and young creative people due to affordable rent prices and the unique atmosphere of old factories and warehouses.

One example of the adaptive reuse of warehouse spaces can be seen right now - a large restaurant within the walls of an old factory, offering a view of the East River. You should stop at the base of the object that guided you at the beginning of the quest and invisibly led you to the finale. Stop at the object with a gold ball that is analogous to the one you saw at the beginning of the quest.

Press the 'Next' button when you're in position



Sure thing, it's the flagpole again! We're almost at the final stage, and now you're about to tackle one of the biggest tasks in the entire quest! Take a look at the building where the restaurant is now, from the flagpole side, and you'll see a wall decorated with old inscriptions. One of these inscriptions is still readable and contains the name of a well-known company that existed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Task: Find and write down the name of the company whose advertisement is displayed on the building.



It's likely that the "Siegel-Cooper" name on the wall indicates that the building was previously connected to this department store or company. It could have served as a warehouse, office, or some other part of their business operations. These remaining traces and wall inscriptions can serve as reminders of the rich history of the area and its past owners or businesses.

Now, proceed to Water Street and make a left turn to head towards the bridge. Take a look at the Powerhouse. It's a historic building that once served as a power station to provide electricity for New York's trains and trams. Today, it stands as an emblem of the neighborhood, captivating tourists with its historical architecture. Stop at the intersection of Water Street and Washington Street.

Press the 'Next' button when you're in position



Now, there's just a tiny but important part left of our journey! At the intersection, locate the only manhole cover made in the USA and step onto it for the most unforgettable photo against the backdrop of the bridge. This is perhaps the most iconic photo spot in DUMBO!

Press the 'Next' button when you're in position



Now, if the weather doesn't interfere, between the supports of the Manhattan Bridge, you'll catch a glimpse of the Empire State Building, designed in the Art Deco style and serving as one of the key symbols of New York. The building's crown often changes colors depending on various events and holidays. For instance, it may be lit up in red, white, and blue to celebrate Independence Day in the USA. On St. Patrick's Day, it might shine in green. Sometimes, this can look absolutely mesmerizing in photos!

A fun fact, in April 1983, the building was twice attacked by a massive creature, and both times, unsuccessfully.

Task: Try to use your imagination and memory and write, who could it have been?



You are absolutely right! To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the "King Kong" film, a life-sized inflatable King Kong was placed on top of the Empire State Building. Unfortunately, the $150,000 stunt didn't go as planned. The 84-foot King Kong-shaped air balloon burst during inflation, and when they attempted it again a couple of days later, it burst once more, leading to the cancellation of the performance.

To learn more about movies filmed in New York and Central Park, you can explore our "Filmed in Central Park" quest (ссылка)

Press the "Next" button



Your quest has come to an end! You have successfully uncovered the hidden gems of DUMBO, navigated through parks and trails without getting lost, showcased your spy skills, and captured plenty of awesome photos! Thank you for choosing our quiz, and we look forward to welcoming you again for new adventures!

Congratulations! You did it! You successfully completed all the challenges and even more! You solved each task effortlessly, always finding the right answers. Your photos were simply amazing and creative. Thank you for your time and effort! If you walk down the street towards the river right now, you'll find a staircase in the trees that will lead you to a meadow with a beautiful view of the bridge and the waterfront. Don't miss this opportunity!

Please leave your feedback!

We value every opinion to share with new players about your experience, and we carefully consider all suggestions to improve our games!

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North Central Park

Ancient bridges and arches, cozy, hidden places and historical sites - all this makes Central Park an unforgettable place to relax and walk. In today's quest, you will learn many interesting facts about the history of the park and see familiar places from a new angle.


Ancient bridges and arches, cozy, hidden places and historical sites - all this makes Central Park an unforgettable place to relax and walk. In today's quest, you will learn many interesting facts about the history of the park and see familiar places from a new angle.